ARM11 Series
Long Distance Gallery Exhibition, Capture All Transmediale
IRL – animation, installation
Nebula – installation
Baumfarben – book
leacril – animated gif, cloaque
smiley acupuncture – graphic, facebook installation
acid smiley eliot – temporary installation
grotta – site specific sound installation
wachtel a – graphic
tunnel a
XXB PALM – #0000FF
bliss – animation
arboretum – photography installation
SHIT – installation
Rube-Goldberg-Lauf-der-Dinge-Electronic-Circuit-Feedback-Machine – installation participation
FBAS A – video installation
max call shop – installation
glimmer weeds – animation
inverted trigger – audio installation
krrrr plant – animation
brumme – sound, installation
the magnetic wooden air trail – fieldrecordings, soundcollage
chronos – experimental animation
_0111_02_und_437_221 – graphic
lanzarote_warrior_005 – graphic
667_002 – graphic
gloecki_001 – graphic
s_ch_006 – graphic
sel_002 – graphic
ka_0 – graphic
schnabel – graphic
herr urug auf dem weg in die berge – 002 – graphic series
herr urug auf dem weg in die berge – 001 – animation
gradient roll test
generative openframeworks animation interacting with supercollider
generative openframeworks animation
datamoshing pixel test
my little laktose secret – graphic
some older php, ming generated experimental swf movies
wurzel graphic series
senke graphic series
php generated random html graphics
korn blumen – pixel graphic
meer wald – graphic series
neva – graphic series
puredata with gem and analog audio/videomixer