Long Distance



Long Distance Gallery exhibition

The Long Distance Gallery hoists 16 flags in the name of Digital Art. 
Every day thousands of flags are hoisted worldwide to display and celebrate territorial, political or religious affiliation. Flags were hoisted in the Arctic and on the moon, who ever wants to conquer should have a flag in his pocket. 
Invited are 16 visual and conceptual artists who work on the edge of digital media and physical art, to bring their art on flags. The flags will be hoisted in a ceremony in the forecourt of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and remain there for the duration of the festival. The exhibition will be captured in panoramas and presented on the Long Distance Gallery website.


Participating Artists:
Rachael Archibald
Gallery Fist
Bea Fremderman
Scott Gelber
Nik Kosmas
Kim Laughton
Claudia Maté
Vince Mckelvie
Jennifer Mehigan
Aoto Oouchi
Eva Papamargariti
Mitch Posada
Sucuk und Bratwurst
Sebastian Thewes
Anne de Vries

Concept and Curation
Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach
Supported by Fahnen Herold